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dav kaufman s adventure series on youtube!



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Dāv Kaufman's Reptile Adventures
I travel the planet in search of reptiles and amphibians in wild, exotic places and also tour some of the most incredible private reptile facilities, visit amazing reptile expos, and go behind-the-scenes at reptile shops and zoos from all over the world! So come with me, and join my Reptile Adventures!

Dāv Kaufman's Fishing Adventures

My newest channel (launched April 3, 2021) in my Adventure series! On this channel, I wet a line in some of the most remote and familiar places for some of the most amazing fish on the planet. I will also feature review videos on gear, dream fishing trips, and really just all things fishing! 

Dāv Kaufman's Animal Adventures

In my global travels, I meet some of the planet's most unique and incredible animals, and the people who care for them!

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