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Dāv Kaufman

Dāv Kaufman is a critically acclaimed writer, multiple award-winning filmmaker, and world adventurer. He has produced and directed five feature length films including 13 Hours in a Warehouse (2008), and Herpers (2009-2013); a trilogy of documentaries about the great reptile culture. His films have been released globally through such distributors as Lion’s Gate, and have won over a dozen awards from film festivals and competitions. 


He is also a critically acclaimed novelist with Lake Desire (2003) and has written for a host of magazines and other books. 


He holds a BA in History and Media from Metropolitan State University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0GPA.


Dāv is also an ardent conservationist and reptile breeder, giving seminars to universities and herpetological societies around the world about his global adventures, with a strong message in the importance of conservation, especially for reptiles.


Currently, he is the creator, host, and producer of two YouTube Channels; Dāv Kaufman’s Reptile Adventures, (currently has over 90,000 subscribers) in which he travels the world producing entertaining, adventurous, and educational videos about reptiles and their natural history. And Dāv Kaufman’s Animal Adventures, (currently has over 25,000 subscribers), in which he travels the world to create educational and entertaining videos about all animals from common and exotic pets to animals in their natural habitats.


Dāv lives just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Previous Reviews for Dāv Kaufman

"Dāv Kaufman hails as a novelist of considerable and original talent."

                                                                              —Midwest Book Review

"The masterful way Kaufman writes pulls you into the story, makes you part of it and takes your breath away."


“Dāv Kaufman doesn’t just write words; he creates an intricacy that borders on lyrical.”

                                                                                    —The Compulsive Reader

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