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In 2018, hell came to paradise. In it’s wake, it left the butchered bodies of thousands of endangered sea turtles all for the price of their eggs. Dr. Dana Dupont vowed to protect to his death the animals that have become his children. He may now have to deliver. 


From critically acclaimed author and multiple award-winning filmmaker, Dāv Kaufman comes an inspirational saga of one man’s defiance against a mob of corrupt and lethal poachers that threatened the complete annihilation of the critically endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle. Based on a series of actual events that occurred on a protected Olive Ridley nesting beach in northwestern Costa Rica, Elysium Coast tells the heroic tale of South African born Dana Dupont, who, born with a sliver spoon in his mouth, was later raised in a Zulu village in abject poverty where he learned about the ways of the natural world from his adoptive mother, Mabee. After earning his doctorate at the University of Miami, Dana met his wife, Juliana, and moved with her to Costa Rica to implement laws that would protect one of the most important sea turtle nesting beaches in the world; a place that had long been plagued by poachers and their unrelenting murder of the turtles all for the price of their eggs. Harmony existed for years on the beach after their laws allowed for a legal and controlled harvest of eggs, but the sickness of human greed would soon turn paradise into a nightmare. Elysium Coast offers an inspirational saga of one man’s struggle to save an entire species which now depends on the sacrifices he must make, but is he willing to offer his own extinction to save the turtles from theirs?

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