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Herpers II

Herpers II
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Originally released in 2011, this follow-up to the original multiple award-winning documentary on the great reptile culture, Herpers II again takes us across North America to investigate the culture, history, and passion of those who are avid reptile and amphibian enthusiasts. This installment in the Herpers franchise takes from the lush tropical forests of Costa Rica to Bob Clark's amazing facility in Oklahoma City to Sandfire Dragon Ranch in Vista, California and to the one-of-a-kind Kevin McCurley in Plainstow, New Hampshire and his warehouses of some of the most species diverse and eye-popping morphs of reptiles in the world and much, much more! With a stronger emphasis on what concerns the average herper in mind with this installment, it is sure to be just as loved as the original.

Original Release Date: September, 29th 2011
Runtime: 1 hr 40 min 

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