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Tropical Leaves


Rattle On Media publishes literary novels, non-fiction biographies and autobiographies, reference books, creative nonfiction, and more. Rattle On Media does accept unsolicited manuscripts, or ideas for a book to be considered for publication if it falls within the parameters of our requirements. Do not send a completed manuscript unless we request it. Since Rattle On Media only publishes titles by Influencers and Content Creators, those interested in submitting a proposal to Rattle On Media may do so only If you are a current and active Influencer and/or Content Creator with over 75,000 subscribers on Youtube, Twitch, TikTok or Reelz, and/or 20,000 followers on instagram, and/or 30,000 followers on FaceBook Watch.

Please include the following in your pitch materials;
1) your channel name(s) and URL 
2) how long you’ve been an influencer
3) a sample of your work which may include any previous publications if applicable 
4) a sample chapter of the book you are solicitin,
5) an author bio, and
6) a detailed overview of your book.


Make your pitch by emailing us at

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