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Welcome to the all new multimedia company that puts Content Creators in a whole new spotlight!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Rattle On Media is a brand new multimedia company that started in November 2020 with a basic idea from Content Creator, author, and filmmaker, Dāv Kaufman; create a company that highlights exemplary works by Content Creators, which will act as an additional marketing and monetary platform for their already inspiring work. As the company grows, so will its multimedia arms including a publishing arm, film/video and film/video production arm, and much more! Although the company is starting with books, videos, and movies from Dāv Kaufman himself, more Content Creators will be added as the company grows!

Movies & Videos

Because a lot of Content Creators came from a background in film, their movies will be available for download under our Movie tab. Also, Rattle On Media will act as a production company to produce future movies and videos!


Rattle On Media's publishing division will feature books written by Content Creators within their specific niche. If you are a Content Creator with an idea for a book, please see our submission guidelines.

Stock Footage

As the company grows, Rattle On Media will soon offer a platform for Content Creators to sell their stock footage on the site. It may take some time for this feature to be launched, but when it is, it will create another revenue stream for Content Creators, as well as providing a key service for other Content Creators to augment their video projects.

It has taken founder Dāv Kaufman over a year and-a-half to develop and launch Rattle On Media. A feat made even more difficult in the hardships in 2020. Having accomplished this without investors means that the company is free to operate as a true independent label, and most importantly, has the ability to pay its creators more for their works as a percentage of the company does not need to be reassigned to investors. The revenue generated by Dāv Kaufman's current and past works will go towards making the dreams of other Content Creators a reality under the Rattle On Media label!

It is with great pleasure that we launch this new and exiting venture, and as with any start-up company, growth will be slow and steady, so stop by often for all the updates, and as always, Rattle On!

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